Below are examples of participants in the Pilot version of the Sirius Programme.  Supporting our alumni for the 2017 Programme will be a key element of the offer and we will do this in a variety of ways such as providing support to extend your visa if successful, events and a graduation award at the end of the year.  You will build an extensive network of international contacts, which will no doubt be supportive during your business career.


Adverdose is a Social Advertising Platform that reinvents digital advertising through a video-contest process. It was founded by Italian entrepreneur Paolo La Paglia.

Big Couch

Big Couch is a fintech startup in the entertainment industry, establishing a new finance model called crewfunding. Since 2017, Big Couch has been developing a new product.  Film Chain collecs, allocates and analyses revenue for films and video digital content on the blockchain.


bio-bean is an award-winning green energy company that collects waste coffee grounds from in and around London, and converts them into carbon-neutral Advanced Biofuels, namely biodiesel and biomass pellets. bio-bean has the potential to become a social enterprise with a global reach, delivering economic, social and environmental value.


Blushr is the only smartphone app that helps teens find out if their high school crush has a crush on them. Founded by Romanian entrepreneurs Manuel Boca, Luana Sandache and Sebastian Maraloiu, Blushr was selected as one of the top 10 Romanian early stage startups at Start Ups Marathon by RoAccelerator and among one of the top 32 early stage startups in Eastern & South Europe by How to Web.

ChiJen Brush Spa

Nigerian-born Jennifer Chizua created an automated makeup brush cleaner, the ChiJen Brush Spa.


The EduKit team's purpose was to change the lives of thousands of disadvantaged students in the UK by creating an online platform that matches young people with programmes run by charities and social enterprises that offer specialist educational and personal development.

The EduKit team's purpose was to change the lives of thousands of disadvantaged students in the UK by creating an online platform that matches young people with programmes run by charities and social enterprises that offer specialist educational and personal development.


Romanian Mihai Ciobanu and Brazilian Francisco Teixeira wanted to revolutionise the international trade of fruit and vegetables with fresh4cast, a service that provided aggregate data on shipment, stock and sales allowing importers and exporters on different continents to make better-informed decisions about what to buy, where to sell, and at what price.


An international (India,Ukraine, Australia), trio of MBA students from the University of Oxford were inspired to start iGBL by a desire to improve engagement levels and learning outcomes through the introduction of simple interactive tools and games to be used by educators inside the business classroom.

So promising was the team’s idea, that in addition to their Sirius Programme place, they have secured a grant of £20,000 from the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship to help get their idea off the ground.

MAD Foundry

MAD Foundry is a creative agency powered by young creatives to help university students and recent graduates develop their employability skills for work in the creative sector. They support emerging brands that need cost-effective access to creative talent as well as established brands that need help intuitively marketing to millennials.


Danish trio, Linisha Palm, Jens Axel So and Mikkel Lønow, are aiming to revolutionise the way image buyers work with photographers with their company PhotoPitch in the biggest shake-up the sector has seen since Flickr was launched.


Amit Pate co-founded RealTag along with Vu Thien Phong and David McGee. RealTag tackles the problem of counterfeiting by providing consumers with instant proof that a branded product they are buying is genuine via their mobile phone.


Fiona Disegni from France joined forces with Myrsini Glinos from Greece, Aniss Bouraba from Algeria and China’s Lesley Zhang to form the first fashion rental marketplace, allowing women to rent clothes from one another, as well as directly from designers, for a fraction of the sale price.


RingCaptcha is an innovative tech start up from Argentinean entrepreneurs Mariano Fernandez, Nicolas Messina and Martin Cocaro. These three tech entrepreneurs want to revolutionise the mobile phone verification process globally.


Kenyan Edwin Openda, Pier Costa and Italian duo, Carlo De Micheli and Stefano Caso developed a smartphone battery charging solution, which enables batteries to be charged on the go at a cost of just £1 and without users having to wait nearby or lock their phone away.


South African entrepreneur, Corbyn Munnik and UK’s Frankie Kearney developed Sliide , a smartphone application that allows users to get paid for doing something they do everyday – unlocking their smartphone. Sliide can do this because it distributes brands’ content relevant to its users, and shares the advertising value with them.


Smash-a-Ball is an electronic board game for visually impaired children, which allows them to improve cognitive abilities. Memory, body and spatial knowledge, reaction speed, are skills that will help to improve their life. There is a real lack of toys or games for visually impaired people, particularly children.


SunEos is a fully integrated cashless payment system combined with e-wallet wristbands for any social event. It was founded by French duo, Henry De Bennetot and Alexis Garavel, with the aim of revolutionising the UK’s social scene and reinventing the event experience.

SunEos uses contactless technology similar to London’s Oyster and Hong Kong’s Octopus cards to incorporate a touch pay system into pre-programmed wristbands for use at events. The result is a safe, fast payment system for everything from food and drink.

Italian trio Lorenzo Bruno, Giuseppe Labanca and Paolo Santoro are a team of developers passionate about cutting-edge education technology and keen to make their mark in this growing sector.

Their business,, makes it easy for developers to build educational applications for web and mobile by offering a set of tools that lets software developers and providers reduce the costs and set up of maintaining an infrastructure for their apps and reduce the time-to-market of their products.

Three over seven

Three over seven is the brainchild of ex-professional footballer Tim Brown from New Zealand who has teamed up with Earl Stewart, Nicholas Crouch and Jonathan Spanos. This new start-up has created a proprietary fabric called Fitwool, which it has used to manufacture the world's first woollen performance running shoe.

They will be specifically designed for sockless wear with no internal seams, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and performance, that won't smell.

V1 Avionics

V1 Avionics, Ltd. was founded by a team of software, avionics and telecommunications engineers from the US and Spain. The company is rooted in the production of avionics and aerospace electronics through the design and development of safety-critical hardware and software. They also offer avionics systems engineering services for flight simulation and avionics maintenance companies.


Whichit is a B2B software company providing an interactive commercial content platform that enables brands, marketers and advertisers to dramatically increase user engagement, retrun on marketing investment, open new revenue streams and gain user-related insight.  The company developed an innovastive technology that profiles users based on their preferences and uses machine learning to provide bespoke commerical incentives in real time.


French-born entrepreneur Guillaume Santacruz and Londoner David Hellard have joined up with Hekla Goodman from the USA to launch Zipcube, an online marketplace for meeting rooms, work spaces and event venues.